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10 Best Silver Jewellery Shop in Bikaner

In this article, We are going to discuss about 10 Best Silver Jewellery Shop in Bikaner. Bikaner, the cultural paradise of Rajasthan, is not just famous for its majestic forts and scrumptious bhujia but also for its silver jewelry. The city’s silver craftsmen are renowned for their intricate work and traditional designs that echo the bygone royal era. For jewelry enthusiasts, Bikaner offers a myriad of showrooms where silver takes a form of art. 

10 Best Silver Jewellery Shop in Bikaner

Here, we explore the 10 best silver jewelry showrooms in Bikaner, where tradition meets contemporary style, and every piece narrates a story of its own.

1. TN Jewellers

Nestled in the heart of the city, TN Jewellers is a repository of silver jewelry that boasts of exceptional Rajasthani craftsmanship. Their collection spans from heavy traditional ‘kamarbandhs’ and ‘bajubandhs’ to modern-day accessories like ear cuffs and anklets. The showroom is a fusion of ancient designs and new-age trends, perfect for silver jewelry lovers.

Address: Babuji Plaza, Shop no. 230A-231, Old Jail Rd, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334001

Mobile No: +91-8003555550

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2. The Silver Line

With a pristine reputation, The Silver Line offers an assortment of silver jewels, ranging from minimalistic to the most elaborate designs. They specialize in ‘meenakari’ and ‘kundan’ work on silver, which is a rarity and a treat for those with an eye for detail and an appreciation for craftsmanship.

3. Rajputana Silver House

Rajputana Silver House is a treasure trove where each piece of jewelry is a masterpiece that speaks volumes of the royal Rajput heritage. Their showroom is well-known for traditional Rajasthani tribal jewelry, which is not only high in quality but also in cultural significance.

4. Heritage Silver Arts

If you are looking for silver jewelry that compliments ethnic attire, Heritage Silver Arts is the place to be. Their intricate ‘jhumkis,’ chandelier earrings, and statement necklaces are popular among both locals and tourists. The ambiance of the showroom takes you on a trip down the royal memory lane.

5. Silver Elegance

True to its name, Silver Elegance presents a collection that is both chic and timeless. They offer contemporary designs that can be worn every day and yet make a statement. Their elegant bracelets, pendants, and rings are especially sought-after by young shoppers.

6. Desert Shine by Sunita

Sunita’s Desert Shine is the epitome of where traditional designs meet modern sensibilities. Known for its unique and bespoke pieces, the showroom attracts customers who seek personalized jewelry that reflects their personality and style.

7. Silver Craftsman Guild

At Silver Craftsman Guild, the legacy of Bikaner’s silversmiths is preserved and celebrated. They offer handcrafted jewelry that showcases the fine art of silver making passed down through generations. Their traditional ‘payal’ and ‘bichiya’ are must-haves for those who appreciate the craftsmanship of yesteryears.

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8. Modern Silver Studio

For those who lean towards modern and abstract designs, Modern Silver Studio offers a range of avant-garde jewelry. Their collection is versatile, featuring everything from bold statement pieces to understated charms perfect for daily wear.

9. Vintage Silver Vault

This showroom is a haven for collectors and connoisseurs of antique silver jewelry. Vintage Silver Vault’s collection includes heirloom pieces that have been carefully preserved and restored, ready to tell new stories with their timeless appeal.

10. Silver Mirage

Silver Mirage is renowned for its wedding collection and festive wear. The showroom shines particularly bright with its selection of ‘polki’ and gemstone-studded silver jewelry that can give any gold piece a run for its money.

Shopping Tips for Silver Jewelry in Bikaner

When you set out to explore these enchanting silver jewelry showrooms in Bikaner, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Know the Purity: Silver is usually available in different purities. Sterling silver, marked as 925, is the most durable and popular form for jewelry. Make sure to inquire about the purity of the silver before purchasing.
  • Check the Weight: Silver jewelry is often sold by weight. More intricate and heavy pieces will be more expensive due to the amount of silver used.
  • Understand the Making Charges: Similar to gold, silver jewelry also comes with making charges. Depending on the complexity of the design, these can vary significantly.
  • Inquire About the Craftsmanship: Bikaner is famous for its handmade silver items. Ask about the craftsmanship and the artisan’s background; it adds to the charm and authenticity of the piece.
  • Look for Hallmarks: Ensure that the jewelry has proper hallmarking, which is a guarantee of its purity and quality.
  • Maintenance Advice: Silver can tarnish over time. Ask the retailer for maintenance and cleaning advice to keep your silver sparkling.
  • Negotiate: While prices of silver are influenced by market rates, there is often room for negotiation, especially if you are purchasing multiple items or heavier pieces.


Bikaner’s silver jewelry scene is as varied as it is vibrant. Each showroom listed offers a window into the city’s rich cultural tapestry, with silver playing the lead role. From intricate filigree work to bold contemporary designs, Bikaner has something to suit every taste and budget. So, the next time you find yourself in this historic city, indulge in the pleasure of silver shopping and take home a piece of Bikaner’s illustrious legacy. So, Now I hope you have understood about 10 Best Silver Jewellery Shop in Bikaner.

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